Our Expertise

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

The rules and regulations associated with qualified retirement plans are changed often, making it difficult for even the most experienced pension consultants to keep current. And yet the liability associated with failing to adhere to those rules generally is the responsibility of the executives and staff of organizations that rarely have pension consulting expertise. The result is often a failure to take any action or make any progress, as the task may seem overwhelming. It can seem daunting to try to run a successful business and take on the full-time job of managing retirement benefits.

Moneta serves as a buffer between you and your retirement plan. We’ll help you reduce or eliminate fiduciary burdens that can be outsourced to our firm and/or to your other service providers, and we’ll help you become efficient in managing the ones that must be handled internally.  With Moneta on your side, you can sleep comfortably knowing that you’re doing what’s right for both your employees and your company.