Our Expertise

Participant Education & Enrollment

We understand your obligation to educate employees about plan options and empower them to make decisions. As your plan consultant, Moneta Group provides your employees with access to a full suite of industry leading resources including:

  • Turnkey administrative support services
  • State-of-the-art online support
  • Easy-to-use enrollment kits
  • Ongoing statements and reports

We will also help you develop a game plan for ongoing educational programs for your plan participants, hold onsite education meetings and conduct annual plan performance reviews.

Employee Education Planning

Your retirement plan succeeds best when a high percentage of employees participate. Helping them understand the advantages of participation is a key component of Moneta Group’s participant education and advocacy. We create an education program designed to serve the needs of your participants and test it against industry benchmarks to ensure participants have access to suitable options.

Our team of experts designs programs that allow participants to receive direct guidance from a knowledgeable and committed team of educators. Our detailed process includes rigorous monitoring and diligent follow up to give participants the information they want as well as an understanding of how the plan can help them achieve their retirement objectives.

Moneta Group’s participant education options consider a variety of learning styles so each participant understand their options. Employees with a thorough understanding of their 401(k) options are more likely to participate and increase contribution levels.

There is no “best” way to educate participants.  Instead, multiple channels increase the likelihood of achieving the desired outcome.

Based on the needs of your participants, Moneta’s experienced educators make use of:

  • Face-to-face, one-on-one conversations
  • Group meetings
  • Technology
  • Telephone
  • Email and traditional mail

Education Policy Statement

Moneta Group will help sponsors develop a written game plan for educating employees that includes:

  • Number, timing and location of education meetings
  • Types of meetings and media employed
  • Targeted education messages based on goals of the sponsor, such as:
    • Getting participants to defer or defer more
    • Calculation of progress
    • Investment process
    • Nearing-retirement education
    • Ancillary issues such as 529 and mortgage refinancing

On-site and Web-based Enrollment Meetings

We offer both on-location and Web-based meetings based on goals and needs of the plan sponsor.

Customized On-Demand Enrollment Presentations

For your plan participants working in remote locations and/or participants who prefer to learn at their own pace, Moneta Group consultants will record and distribute presentations allowing participants to view them at their convenience.

Targeted Financial Health Seminars

Moneta will implement a customized education plan to address the financial health of participants by educating them on creating savings objectives and calculating individual progress toward those goals.  These meetings typically include other financial planning topics such as beneficiary designations, wills, trusts and health care directives.

Gap Analysis

We help our clients prepare Gap Analysis Statements to assist participants in understanding if there is a gap between stated retirement savings goals and actual progress towards reaching the targeted objective. Moneta can help participants formulate a strategy to help seek to narrow the gap, if necessary, for achieving the stated objective.