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As CEO, your responsibility is to position your company for success in every aspect of its business. This is especially true when it comes to employee benefits. Moneta Group has the proven experience to assist you in planning, designing and implementing retirement plan solutions that protect your plan fiduciaries, simplify administrative processes and mitigate costs. And we provide education and training to ensure that your employees understand how to make the best use of these benefits. When you work with Moneta Group, we help assume or share responsibility for your compliance with regulatory issues, complex legal code, tax laws, investment management and other critical elements of managing a plan.

Human Resources Leadership

Moneta Group understands your obligation to help employees understand retirement plan options and provide the tools necessary to empower them to make informed decisions. When you engage Moneta Group as your plan consultant, we focus on educating your participants and treating them as valued clients. Your retirement plan succeeds best when a high percentage of employees participate. Helping them understand the advantages of participation is a key component of our participant education and advocacy strategy. We create an education program designed to address the needs of individual plan participants and measure it against industry benchmarks. Our goal is to help you seek to deliver the most suitable option for your plan participants.


Managing the finances of your company, including retirement plan fiduciary responsibility, is a daunting task. This is especially true when a defined benefits plan is part of your balance sheet and directly impacts its performance. With Moneta Group as your investment advisor and consultant, you will enjoy a trusted partnership with experts who put the best interests of your named fiduciaries and participants first. We will assess your current providers and give you an objective assessment on fee structure, adherence to your Investment Policy Statement and service levels compared to industry benchmarks. Our objective is to reduce the burden on your staff while working to enhance the benefits you offer your valued employees.

Law Firm or Physician Practice Partner

Your practice includes valued employees and the obligation for the partners to consider their financial futures. One size doesn’t fit all and there are many employees for whom a qualified retirement plan is insufficient. Moneta Group retirement plan experts are ready to work with you to assess your current plan and help you develop a retirement plan solution designed to best accommodate the needs of your employees and partners while maximizing savings.

Foundation and Endowment Trustees and Board Members

Foundation and Endowment Trustees and Board Members are responsible for being good stewards of assets. All Moneta Group institutional clients, both large and small, receive a full suite of investment consulting services. This includes a comprehensive analysis of the institution’s current financial situation and future objectives. We offer objective guidance and advice throughout the entire investment management process. Our asset-based fees are at or below the industry average, even as compared to providers who offer less-comprehensive services.