Our Firm

Values & Philosophy

We are passionate about what we do

In everything we do—for our clients, our community and our colleagues—we are committed to challenging the status quo: ‘good enough’ is never good enough. We collaborate with external experts, our partners and our clients, constantly evaluating our advice and services.

We act only in our clients’ best interests

Our unwavering commitment to exacting and ethical standards guides all our decisions and practices. We deeply value our clients’ confidentiality, we respect our clients’ other advisors and we seek to act with integrity in all our actions.

We deliver ‘Raving Fan’ service

We promise a lot and deliver more. Our clients and their goals are singularly important, and we are committed to providing exceptional service. A superlative staff of talented people is in place to support a system committed to these values that govern every aspect of our practice.

Our Planning Philosophy

If you’re considering a change from your current Advisor or vendor, the best place to start is by selecting an experienced and expert consultant. As Advisors to more than 250 retirement plans, Moneta Group is uniquely positioned to partner with you to create the best, most efficient, cost-effective plan for your constituencies.

We strive to understand your needs and the objectives you have in place for your retirement plan. Our team also works with you to create a successful plan that seeks to achieve the goals of your participants. As the plan sponsor and fiduciary, you must be confident your Advisor/consultant understands your objectives and is committed to helping you make informed decisions. Working as your advocate, we implement solutions that protect plan fiduciaries, simplify administrative processes and mitigate costs based on efficiencies that free your valued employees to focus on what they do best; help your company succeed. And Moneta Group provides convenient options, education and training to ensure that your participants make the best use of your retirement plan benefits.